Skateboard + Lit Sparklers + Computer Vision = Flaming Light Drawing

Sparkles from BlipBlip on Vimeo. In glorious black and white, we have a new digital drawing project from Dominique of blipblip industries. And – well, fireworks just make anything better. The brief: Sparkle is an interactive drawing project involving professional skater Danny Wainwright We used a wiimote to track the positions of sparkles attached to […]

Slow Motion Inspiration of the Day: Lakai Fully Flared

To distract from their intensely repetitive subject matter, skateboarding videos have used a variety of techniques, from blooper reels showing people hurting themselves, to Spike Jonze post-producing the decks to invisibility. The latest iteration of this process I will let speak for itself: Updated: Lakai had the video removed from Youtube. Does anybody understand why […]

Jaymis Loveday - January 30, 2008

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