The Listening Tree: A Holiday Tree Whose Colored Lights Respond to Sound

Wintertree from Limbic Media on Vimeo. Winter: it’s dark. So, it’s no coincidence that holiday traditions from Christian to Jewish to Pagan to … uh, New Year’s … celebrate light. And it’s fun watching in this video the delight as colored lights respond to sound – not in the endlessly-playing annoying-Christmas-tune way, but in the […]

Through a Glass, Kinectly: A Geometry-Filled Mirror

Speaking of vvvv and audiovisual work, Boris Vitazek sends his thesis project Lucid, built with vvvv and Kinect. The documentation is a bit rough, but as an experiment, the project shows some great potential. I find myself drawn to seeing the image of the camera in the work – something that has been more present, […]

Peter Kirn - May 9, 2011

Partitura: Spectacular Real-time Visualization of Music, and Thinking in 1D

I believe that when we hear music, we employ visual centers in our brain in the way in which we experience its sensations and understand its patterns. But actually visualizing music and sound on the computer is a wonderfully impossible project, fraught with challenge. Somewhere in the struggle to do so, terrific things can happen. […]

Peter Kirn - May 9, 2011

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