Spreadsheet as Music Tracker-Sequencer, with LibreOffice (nee OpenOffice)

Look at a music software interface – particularly a tracker-style interface – and you might easily see something resembling a spreadsheet. So, why not gaze into the cells of a spreadsheet and begin to imagine music? Karlsruhe-based electronic artist and programmer Patrick, cappel:nord, had just such a flight of fancy about office software. He explains:

Demoscene Meets Microsoft Excel 2003

Via Justin Day (co-founder of Blip.tv) comes proof that, provided some scripting tools, even Microsoft Excel 2003 can be an animation program. No strange software choice shall be left unturned by the demo community. The Braadworsten brigade presents: Exelence (a demo made in MS Excel 2003) This one is released at Breakpoint 2009 and is […]

Peter Kirn - July 21, 2009

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