SmoothCam in FCS2: Editblog Tests, Comparison

Editblog does more tests of SmoothCam, plus comparison tests. Editblog has responded to Anton’s SmoothCam tests with some tests of their own: SmoothCam is smooth, but slow [] Scott’s tests run even slower than Anton’s, regardless of codec. I asked Anton about this, and his take was that the technology was really intended for short […]

Pimp Your DV Camera: RedRock MicroFollowFocus & M2, DV MultiRig and DIY DV Mods

I’m sure some CDMotion readers must be wondering if I actually own a DV camera considering the stop-motion and still camera focus these last couple of weeks. Rest assured I both own and even on occasion wield a DV cam, however my DSLR has held me in thrall with its beautiful images, shallow depth of […]

Jaymis Loveday - October 5, 2006

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