Roland’s New AIRA Mixer is a Performance Tool For All Your Gear

So, now you’ve got a lot of hardware. You’ve moved beyond just a computer, and you’re back to the joy of making music with boxes with knobs and faders and keys. And you’re playing with them live. And maybe Roland’s AIRA had something to do with that, too. Now, how do you put them together? […]

Need a Tempo, Fast? Grab Your Web Browser

It’s the little things. This just got added to my bookmarks; maybe it’ll be on yours. Press the spacebar repeatedly, and you get an accurate BPM count for a song. It’s actually useful to help learn to recognize BPM, as well, if you listen frequently when at your computer. (The trick used to be […]

- November 20, 2014

In-Time Tempo Tracking: New Mac Release (Mac/Win)

InTime Tempo Tracking software provides a flexible metronome that keeps time with your MIDI performance. Play fluidly with legato, and InTime syncs to your playing, for accurate transcriptions of real performances or to create flexible backing tracks that follow you. Sounds nifty, if it works; Windows users today got a 1.2 update while Mac OS […]

Peter Kirn - December 6, 2004

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