Timecode Sync, Without Clapperboards, in a Clever iPad Hack

Clapperboards, clumsy hand claps, footage with screwed-up timecode and so on… wouldn’t it be nice to sync video directly without a clapboard, dropping timecode right into the timeline? Deepvisual sends this quick video showing off this clever technique. (Here, it’s Final Cut Pro 7, but FCP X and other video editors will work, too – […]

Record as Record Player: DIY Turntable, Donuts for Serato in New Releases

Record giant Universal Music Group is cutting prices on the CD, as analysts clamor for still-lower prices. But as for actual records – the kind made of vinyl – odder and odder innovations flourish. If the CD is dying, the vinyl record is an undead, sexually-alluring vampire. Two recent releases not only treat the record […]

- March 19, 2010

Read Traktor-Timecoded Vinyl in Max, Max for Live, (Soon) Pd

This freaky-looking screen image: yours free. It looks like you’re navigating some microscopic rover on another planet. Awesome. More software is speaking timecode, opening up control of digital sound to real, physical vinyl on turntables. The latest addition: Time TunnelXL is a pair of externals that decodes Native Instruments’ Traktor Scratch vinyl and scratches not […]

Peter Kirn - February 15, 2010

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