As Mac Pro Debates Rage On, Time for Some Reality Checks

For all this debate over the new Mac Pro, you really need to know only two things: 1. The current Mac Pro is not a good value at the moment. 2. We have no idea how much the new Mac Pro will cost. And so, everything else (minis, iMacs, MacBooks, and yes, even PCs) rule […]

WWDC: New Mac Pro Towers Blaze Through Logic, Soundtrack, Offer Better Storage Options, Says Apple

Lee Sherman is live at the WWDC keynote. Phil Schiller has good news regarding the new Mac Pro tower, singling out pro audio applications to demonstrate the new machine’s speed: Intel Xeon Woodcrest-based: Core 2 dual core CPUs up to 3GHz (that’s Core 2, not Core Duo, meaning the latest version of Intel’s Core architecture […]

Peter Kirn - August 7, 2006

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