This Week In Synths: Iraq, Birthdays, Kawai SX-240, Howard Jones Goes Retro, Dr. Who

A Casio in Iraq Ok, not technically a synth, but check this out. It’s a Casio AT-40 with Arabic labels spotted in Iraq of all places. Via Daniel: “A casio AT-40 with arabic lettering that I spotted in Hewler/Arbil in northern Iraq in december last year. I should have bought it!” Yeah he should have. […]

Soundcells, a Homebrew Nintendo DS “Ukelele”

Homebrewers continue to dream up new ways of making music with mobile game systems. Sometimes the results are useful as actual tools, and sometimes they’re more of a fascinating novelty. In the latter category is the truly unusual Soundcells, a virtual “ukelele” inspired by the grid-based music interface of Toshio Iwai’s Tenori-On. The interface looks […]

Peter Kirn - October 30, 2006

iUke USB Ukulele: More Details, USB Guitar is Coming Soon

A USB-powered ukulele: strange, you say? Believe it, thanks to the technology from the Brian Moore iGuitar. The iUke ukulele built by Brian Moore for Mac maven Andy Ihnatko is making its rounds on the Web (Boing Boing), but here are some details, just to clarify: It’s audio-only. USB on this device only carries audio […]

Peter Kirn - July 18, 2005

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