Futuristic iPad Konkreet Performer Get Twisted with MIDI, Even Analog, to Control Everything

Analog synths, meet spacey, abstract touch controls. And Konkreet Labs Performer – the futuristic iPad controller app – meet everything else, including, for those not lucky enough to own racks of modulars, MIDI. Twisted KP is effectively a clever helper app, taking in messages (as OSC) from the brilliant Konkreet Labs Performer iPad app and […]

Talking Head: Design and the Musical Tablet, iPad and Beyond

Normally, you hear my voice in words on the screen, so here instead – courtesy the talented video crews at Toronto’s NXNE – is me communicating on camera, prior to a talk on tablets, music, and design. The conversation is one I find myself having with a lot of people these days offline, away from […]

- August 5, 2011

Visual Sequencing: Cityscapes, Liquids as Musical Icons, for iPhone and Live in Cologne

Christian Sander’s Synse is an iPhone app that contains three audiovisual sets, a sort of self-contained “VDJ” VJ/DJ/visualist/music experience. As such, it represents a small slice of what may be coming in this scene.

Peter Kirn - January 18, 2011

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