Tutorial: Send Video Between Two Macs, with DV Over Firewire

Capturing the screen as a DV signal over Firewire from Udart (Vibeke Bertelsen) on Vimeo. Udart aka Vibeke Bertelsen writes with a nice hack for video on the Mac: using the ability of FireWire to stream DV, she routes video output of one computer into another. That could make for nice multi-computer processing capabilities. The […]

v002 Screen Capture Available: GPU-Accelerated Mac Inter-App Sampling

CDMotion contributor vade has posted the first release of his v002 Screen Capture tool, which allows video from the screen (including video, 3D — anything output to OpenGL) to be routed between applications. It all happens on the GPU, which means it’s very, very fast. In vade’s words: v002 Screen Capture allows you to capture […]

Peter Kirn - June 19, 2008

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