Spin abstract geometries from your music, with Ableton Live visualizers by artist Arash Azadi

Many of us imagine visuals when we close our eyes and listen to music. Here are two devices you can drop directly into Ableton Live to make that happen – from an artist whose work weaves together visual and sonic realms.

FL Studio 20.1 arrives, studio-er, loop-ier, better

The just-before-the-holiday-break software updates just keep coming. Next: the evergreen, lifetime-free-updates latest release of the DAW the developer calls FL Studio, and everyone else calls “Fruity Loops.”

Peter Kirn - December 12, 2018

Open Source Code Changes Visualized; Results Amazingly Hypnotic

You’ll hear odd cynicism about people working on free software / open source projects. Something like, “well, harumph, it’s not as though a bunch of people will make this stuff in their free time.” Not only are these folks wrong, but you can actually visualize the contributions to source trees – and the results look […]

Peter Kirn - April 2, 2010

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