Alien, Organic Beauty of Sepalcure Visuals, by Sougwen; Chat with the Artist

Like eerily-lush alien vegetation, Sougwen’s visual design for for Sepalcure’s tour blooms out of drifting shadows. Through some mysterious connection, they unearth some of the dream-like warmth you could feel from Sepalcure’s music, the collaboration by Machinedrum and Praveen. Having known Sougwen and followed her work for some time, they also manage to assimilate the […]

Featured Showreel: VJ Fader, Around the World in Pixels

As 2011 winds down, here’s a good end-of-the-year resolution: get your showreel together – or get some inspiration from others. Our friend James Cui (VJ Fader) put together his latest reel. Based in LA but working internationally, he’s been a very busy guy, working with Processing and Max/MSP and Jitter to code custom solutions, from […]

Peter Kirn - December 22, 2011

Tell Us Your Picks: Top Visualists, Best Work, Vital Technologies of 2010

Photo (CC-BY) Paulo Barcelos. It’s the end of another year. And it’s time to do a proper look back at the best of visualism – the best live visual sets, the best interactive visual work, the best experimental motion, and the most significant technologies that emerged in 2010. Too often, lists of “best VJs” focus […]

Peter Kirn - December 28, 2010

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