Tom at Musicthing is stunned by this as I am. Follow the chronology:

1982: Roland creates the TB-303 mono synth and TR-606 drum sequencer, a cheezy device
in itself but one that becomes the cornerstone for electronic dance
1982: Commodore introduces the C64 computer, with an enviable synth built-in.
2004: Prophet 64
is released, as (I'm not kidding) new software for the C64, complete
with TB-303/TR-606 inspired synth and sequencer. Emulation? Only sort of — obviously the
C64 can't run a soft synth, so this is actually using the built-in
sounds of the C64.
Today: Analog Devices' Chris Randall runs the Power64 C64 emulation on his Mac OS X machine so he can run software emulating the Roland.

Now if I just create a character version of Chris Randall in The Sims
on my PC, then have Sim Chris buy a Mac running the C64 emulation
running the . . . never mind, my head hurts. (See the original Musicthing and analog_devices stories.)