It's difficult providing snappy commentary on the latest bizarre audio hardware people have created. Witness the Jesusonic CrusFX
(har, har) 1000. It's a custom-programmed computer effects system,
controllable by footswitches, in a homemade wooden case that's shaped
like a crucifix. In the words of its creators, it answers the question
"What effects processor would Jesus use?" In my words . . . I'm . . .
I'm speechless, frankly.

There's an OS X/Linux/Windows demo (no GUI yet) if you don't have room
in your studio for its rather peculiar dimensions, and some
promising-looking patches. They're promising a non-cross-shaped
alternate version in future. (I'm guessing if you want a Buddha, their
plywood skills probably mean you're on your own.)

Okay, one prediction: with this many hobbyists rolling their own hybrid
computer/custom audio hardware, more mainstream manufacturers can't be
far behind. (Or this is a sign of the apocalypse, not sure which. Stay tuned for further signs at EM411.)