Okay, Windows advocates, here's a little break from all the
Mac minis and PowerBooks: Cakewalk's VP of Engineering Ron Kuper explains to DMN Digital Producer
why 64-bit is a boon to music: more RAM access and better CPU
performance. If you're expecting revolutionary enhancements (64-bit is
TWICE 32-bit!), think again: you'll only reap memory advantages if
you're addressing memory over 3 GB. But faster, more efficient CPUs
would be nice to have, and right now Cakewalk is ahead of the pack on
both PC and Mac as the only developer to have 64-bit music software up
and running now. And with prices low, if you're a SONAR die-hard this
could be the excuse you were waiting for.

Try 64-bit technology previews of Cakewalk SONAR x64 and Windows Professional x64 edition if you've got the iron to run this.

Price/Availability: Unknown (free preview now)