A combination of not one, but two William Shatner renditions? (Yes, that William Shatner.) Why — this is more than just mash-up, it's a chance to genetically graft the PERFECT SONG! (via Beatmixed, a great mash-up/DJ blog!)

ACIDPlanet.com is holding a contest for users to legally mash-up Shatner's "Ideal Woman" and "Has Been".
Now, this could be a little unfair: Shatner's latest album has actually
gotten decent reviews (as kitcsh, anyway), and one of these tracks
features Ben Folds. (Wait, scratch the last statement — just listened
to a track — no, this is still Shatner at his spoken-word worst.

Of course, what I'd really like to hear is a mash-up of two songs from Shatner's infamous Transformed Man
album of 1968, the one that was inspired (he says) by an alien
abduction in the desert (having nothing to do with a head injury and
violent dehydration) and features a cover of Lucy in the Sky with
Diamonds voted worst Beatles cover of all time.
The iTunes Music Store has quaintly labeled it an "audiobook," but
then, there is no "Signs of the Endtime" or "May Cause Liver Damage"
category on iTunes. (Fortunately, Shatner is repaying his debt to
society by re-releasing Herb Albert tunes.)

Please do send CDM your mash-up results with the 2004 tunes. And, okay,
you probably couldn't really add anything by mashing up Transformed
Man, but try it anyway and see if you get a cease-and-desist from
Shatner and Apple Records.

I think the only way to top this contest is for Wil Wheaton to release
some tracks for us to mash-up — a little mash-up TNG. Wil, are you
reading now?