Rogue Amoeba, those virtuosos of routing audio in any Mac OS X app, have released Airfoil,
their new application for routing audio from any Mac app to Aiport
Express — not just iTunes. (The app was originally going to be called
Slipstream, as we reported here.) Finally, you can listen to BBC Radio
6 from anywhere in the house! (via our friends at samplepoolz, a must-read music site with a sample focus)

More importantly, this means you can play a gig running around with
your PowerBook! Strap that puppy to a shopping cart (or, hell, play
CATCH with it), stream from Ableton Live, and go to town! I double-dog dare you. Just don't set it on fire — this won't help with that.

Availability: Now
Cost: US$25 (US$20 in March only!)