Tired of getting sued for sampling? Creative Commons
offers licenses for pro musicians that lets them keep their copyright
while giving people the right to sample or use their sounds. Artists
choose how much control you have, but if they opt for a sampling
license, you can get access to sample sources free. I was hanging with
some of the CC folks in Austin, and here's the latest:

  • Remixed tracks, acapellas, and loopsccmixter.org
  • From the CC weblog, you can even get a USB flash drive full of CC music from Magnatune!
  • DJ Reset, Wired, and the CC folks chat
    at Austin's South by Southwest Interactive — but scheduling conflicts
    with my panel with Francis Preve and Chris Breen. There's may have been
    cooler, but ours got more laughs. So there.

Coolest by far here is the ability to buy a flash drive and already
have stuff to sample and play from Magnatune. US$69.99 for a full 512M
(less $ for less space, but why would you want that?) And it includes
one of CDM's fave blogosphere reads, Brad Sucks.

Independent online label Magnatune's
slogan is "WE ARE NOT EVIL." Note to record industry: consider that
maybe your public relations is currently setting the bar a little low?