We had an early look last week at the upcoming Mawzer Control Surface, a modular box that lets you combine faders, knobs, and controls via plug-and-play modules to form whatever control box you can imagine.

Since then, the Mawzer folks have gradually been feeding us more details. Finally we have a high-res image to drool over (also shown at right; click for full version), which shows a configuration for DJs and laptop musicians. Looks like top-quality gear if they can pull it off. Mawzer has also posted a preliminary module list:

  • POT : 4 potentiometers
  • FAD : 1 fader 10cm
  • ENC : 4 encoders
  • BUT : 4 buttons w/Led
  • XFD : 1 DJ crossfader (6cm) + 2 buttons
  • TCH : Touchpad (5*4cm) + 2 buttons w/Led
  • KBD : 12 buttons (BankChange style)
  • VUM : Stereo Vu-meter
  • Prices for modules are from 25€ to 45€ HT.

    For more information, discussion, and a chance to influence the Mawzer development (current poll: what size should it be), check out the Mawzer forum.