TC Electronic has loads of new hardware at Musikmesse (see their roundup of announcements), but the biggest news is for guitarists:

The G-System
is a new high-end floor based guitar system. Think TC Electronic's
high-quality effects, but for guitarists, plus analog loops, amp
switching, floor control, and 9VDC power for your pedals. Effects don't
skimp, either: filter, compression, noise gate, modulation, pitch,
delay, reverb, tuner, tap tempo / MIDI clock. And it's simply gorgeous.
This is the Rolls Royce of guitar processors, EUR 1395 retail, shipping
in June.

More in the range of mere mortals: the EUR 275 Analog Vintage Pre Drive Pedal
also ships in June, an all-analog drive pedal. Not analog emulation:
this is the real deal. (Appearing soon on our sister site,
createanalogmusic — oh, wait, April Fool's is over.)

But wait, there's more (not just for guitar):

  • PowerCore News: PowerCore PCI mkII updates their PCI audio DSP host, and there's the new NonLin2 Stereo Effects Reverb for PowerCore
  • Saucy Speakers: Dynaudio's new passive nearfields are compact, high-end monitors
  • Voice powerhouse: Vocalists get the intense new VoicePro from TC-Helicon, with rack-mounted pitch shifting, voice modeling, harmony, mic emulation, effects, EQ/dynamic processors.

All great, of course . . . but just look at those gorgeous controls
on the G System. A guitar box that's drool-worthy? Whodathunkit.