Spherical harmonic modulation of a globe with vertices that produces unusual additive synthesis? I’m already sold — and then I read the kicker: the experimental plug-in Harmonical can also blow your speakers. Now this is a must-have.

Okay, before you get too excited: yes, you can blow your speakers with any loud signal. And while Harmonical’s unpredictible results earned it a passionate post on KVR declaring “beware!”, really you should have a limiter on your master out for safety all the time — especially when test-piloting dodgy plug-ins.

But back to my original point — when reader Adrian Anders sends me “spherical synthesis” plug-ins with the potential to destroy things, and the KVR thread warning of that potential danger includes references to BOTH Dukes of Hazzard and I Love Genie, it’s a good day. It’s a very good day.