It’s a saxophone! It’s a tuba! It’s a clarinet! It’s a kazoo! It’s none of these — it’s Saxxy! I can’t possible top the ad copy to describe this, so let’s just read and enjoy:

“Saxxy™ is the fun new kazoo — a sophisticated electronic musical instrument that makes it easy for anyone to play a horn! All you do is hum into the mouthpiece and patented Vocolo™ technology responds with accurately synthesized digital sounds of a saxophone, a tuba or a clarinet. Just press a button to pick your horn . . .”

“With the graceful Saxxy in your hands, you’ll enjoy the satisfying feel of playing an actual instrument — intimately controlling the pitch and volume of notes with fine nuances of voice or humming . . . Select one of three lively synthesized backbeats.
. . . Generate sounds of bebop or big band, marching or Motown, swing or salsa, and more! . . .”

I bought one . . . so should you! (Yes, this has been around a while, via Sharper Image, but the good news — it’s on sale for US$15 via the link below.)

Saxxy [Sharper Image clearance sale]

(via the Aqualung tour log which has some other fun non-musical toys — yes, Aqualung endorses the pop-up hot dog cooker!