Audio developer and blog personality Chris Randall at Analog Industries has acquired a Wayfar MidiNES cartridge. This gem is a genuine 8-bit NES cartridge that converts your Nintendo game system into a MIDI device so you can sequence it, control it with other devices (with some work), etc. Chris is blogging the results: he’s got initial impressions and a more detailed review with MP3 demo and even a Cubase/Nuendo device map you can download.

Best of all, Chris is taking my suggestion of rack-mounting an NES for music purposes. That’s the good news. The bad news is, he thinks he’s going to get my Nintendo DS when he’s done. I don’t want to shake his motivation, so, erm, sure, Chris, you *might* wind up with my DS when it’s done.

Let’s see, I did technically say: “I’ll find some kind of prize. You can have my Nintendo DS or something.” So now I just have to figure out what “or something” could be . . . Stay tuned. Chris, sure you don’t want to trade an imported DS Lite for my ‘classic’ DS? -PK