KAOSS what? On the forums, readers have been watching next-gen mobile gaming systems converted into musical controllers. Hang on to your seats, because we’re going to give three different consoles some love:

Wireless PSP Control: New media artist Rob King is working on converting his Sony PSP into a brilliant, wireless controller for Ableton Live. That’s not Live running on PSP below (the PSP would be a wee bit underpowered), but it is a way of creating a wireless Live controller. Sure, for practicality, I’d rather control Live with a foot controller so my hands are free, but for coolness, this can’t be beat. Follow the results on his blog, e-mu; he’s got a preview of the PlayLive interface, and a free downloadable PSP tool that converts the PSP into a wireless MIDI controller and (on Windows) wireless mouse.

Fans of PSP hacking should also check out MAKE:Blog’s story on Wi-Fi joystick and mouse operation using the PSP, which also links to some of MAKE’s excellent past coverage of PSP homebrew and hacking.

Linux GP32 Tracker: If you’re tired of having Sony and Nintendo treat you like a criminal for running homebrew software and would rather use an open-source, Linux-based platform instead, the GP2x finally has its own tracker. LittleGPTracker is sample-based, inspired by the ubergeeky and wonderful lsdj for GameBoy, and can even drive other MIDI devices or computers via a custom interface. (It also runs on GP32, though that’s a GP2x shown here.)

DS Does MIDI: Of course, the ideal with a game console is to take advantage of unique controllers. “therain” has hacked his Nintendo DS with custom software and hardware to allow the use of its touchscreen as an X/Y touch controller, like a little tiny KAOSS Pad – cum – stylus. The controller is already working, and he’s started on step 2: building a homebrew DS sequencer with multiple tracks and playback control via the DS buttons. If anyone gets this up and working, do let us know. All that’s missing is wireless capability, a la the PSP solution above — perhaps that can come later on.

Now we just need a name for the next-gen community, as opposed to the oldskool chiptune players who do vintage Game Boy only. (And I imagine a lot of people will want to do both.) Gametune?