Laptops as bio-hazard? Dust problems in the desert? Just stick them in a miniature “clean room” environment. Chris Martinez of effect69 writes us with details:

Worried about dust and dirt? PowerBook got an alien plague? This should help.

Burning Man 2006: Hope & Fear the Future

When we were asked to play on the playa, I immediately thought of all of the stories of â€Å“That dust gets everywhereâ€Â? and did I really want all of my precious gear getting destroyed? Would you? No! So I went to work on a plan that would help keep most of the dust and elements off of the gear. â€Å“Bio-Hazardâ€Â? containment boxes a â€Å“Clean Roomâ€Â? of sorts. If something could keep particles from reaching the air, then I could keep particles from reaching the gear. As you can see the burners were impressed by our research on brining digital gear to the festival.

The boxes are made of 1/4� acrylic and the holes are made from 5 1/4� PVC with Large black rubber clean up gloves. Obviously, the boxes are in the 1.0 stage and if we go back to BM in 2007 2.0 should be even better. All because we love to create digital music!

Brilliant work, Chris! Now all we need is a carry-on blast chamber for the occasional bad battery on a plane.