If you read websites on the interwebs I’m sure you’ve encountered the phenomenon of “High Dynamic Range” photography, or HDR as it’s affectionately known. It’s not a new thing, the HDR Flickr Group contains over 50,000 images. I’ve had “Make with the HDR, then make the HDR timelapse” on my potential projects list for a while now, and was reminded of such when I encountered this video yesterday:

Pretty! So I asked HDRSoft for a review copy of Photomatix Pro, and took a whole lot of differently-exposed pictures of the closest thing I had to hand, my desk:

Jaymis' Workspace, HDR Stylee

HDR is fun, and easy! This image was created from 7 different exposures, running the gamut from deeply underexposed to wildly overexposed. I dropped them into Photomatix, generated an HDR image, and then went into the “Tone Mapping” section, and about 3 minutes later, I had the above image. Obviously it’s very rough, without any thought for composition, framing, colour balance… But it does contain very pretty colours, and it makes me feel very good about the next step, which is some HDR timelapse of my own. [tags]HDR, photography, HD, time lapse, shooting, post-production[/tags]