M-06, the previously Japan-only game that allows you to transform a Nintendo DS into a guitar, is coming to the US via Ubisoft, reports Newsweek’s OneUp. (What’s this? DS music in Newsweek? Times have changed!)

Exclusive: Ubisoft to Publish Jam Sessions, an Improved Version of Japanese Cult Hit Guitar Game, in North America This June [OneUp — and you complain about my headlines being too long?]

OneUp exclusive announcement video

The results aren’t quite competitive with an actual guitar, but as a novelty it looks like great fun, it’s amazing it’s possible at all, and it might actually be useful as a portable songwriting device.

Commercial software isn’t the only way to make the DS into a music controller. We first saw the awesome DSMidiWifi back in November, which allows you to use the DS with any standard MIDI software.

Since M-06 has been out in Japan, we’ve got lots of videos, like Play-Asia’s in-depth overview (prior to the US announcement, so ignore the import mention if you’re in America):

Our friend and resident graphicalist Nat has some great shots of the box art:

DS Guitar…. DS SOLOOOOOOO! m/ [onetonnemusic]

Thanks to Patrick Murphy for this one.