Some more shots of projects I sketched while in Ben Fry’s Processing class:

An experiment in 3D particle systems generated from video in 3D, which ran surprisingly fast — something I definitely hope to develop.

Playing with ways of quickly forming 3D geometries; in this case, just doing a quick experiment with Perlin Noise as a way of generating coordinates (or one way of doing it, I should say, as there are many).

And heck, even extremely basic, fundamental code starts to become a fun exercise, like a mind workout for 3D translation and quick coding:

Try to stop looking at the rotating rect and get some work done, Peter.

As we got into the later days, I was really interested to watch as my colleague’s work tended to get more painterly and organic. The ability to do this quickly is really encouraging.

I’ll definitely be debriefing with some information and code examples soon — probably after I develop more of what I was thinking about while at the workshop. But I can’t say enough about how great it was to get to work with Ben and absorb his unique insight into his tool and artmaking in general. It’s really made me want to devote a great deal of new time to Processing — and has given me some sense of the best directions to take that work. Still on the road here (hello, airport lounge!); more soon.