Part of why we have a music and a motion site is because there’s so much crossover between visuals and music creation, not in spite of it. A couple of recent features on the sister site, the Good Ship Create Digital Motion:

Wii-controlled visuals. Wii VJ: Wii Remote vs. MacBook Pro Video/Audio Sampler. The awesomely-talented Daito Manabe, whom we already loved for his vibrating chaise lounge controlled by turntables powered by Ms. Pinky, has been doing wonderful stuff with the Wii. Here, he turns a Wii and (apparently) Jitter into an interactive mirror / video sampler.

Smooth out that shaky video. Many new features in Final Cut Studio help high-end video producers produce pro-quality material. One feature can help stabilize your badly-shot / shaky camera footage. It really is capable of performing some minor miracles on short bits of footage. Check out our first tests: Final Cut Studio 2 SmoothCam Tested: Fix Those Shaky Shots. And some reaction from the interwebs: SmoothCam in FCS2: Editblog Tests, Comparison.