For those not in the know, Steve Reich is one of the major so-called “minimalist” composers of the 20th Century; some of his early works of the 1960s focused on compositions made from tape loops falling out of sync or “out of phase” with one another. This includes the seminal works “It’s Gonna Rain” and “Come Out.” For those not in the know, Lieutenant Worf is the son of Mogh, and serves as Chief Security Officer on the Starship Enterprise NCC-1701-D.

Now we know what life would be like if Lt. Worf were also a member of the Reich ensemble. Get ready for some Trekker loop phasing:

YouTube Doubler, via Brian Kane

And yes, before any more of you write in, this is also Orbital’s “Time Becomes.” Though Worf and Steve Reich came first. YouTube, much later. Now itt’s like a geekiness quantum singularity. Be afraid.