Users are reporting a number of serious problems with QuickTime 7.2; see our sister site, Create Digital Motion, for more. (Or head straight to MacFixIt, though already we’re hearing isolated reports that haven’t even hit MacFixIt yet.) Possible symptoms: difficulty with Adobe applications, Rosetta failing to work entirely (yipes!), video file problems, and more. This yet again illustrates that you need to be careful installing incremental updates when you rely on your computer for music and production work. Sure, you can’t use Rosetta (PowerPC compatibility) for music work — but wait until you’re on tour and have to load a document in Word. The lesson, yet again: make sure you back up so you can easily roll back your system, or consider holding off on updates as they become available. And, uh, Apple, what exactly is the deal with releasing this many updates to key components of the operating system? It’s nice to have stuff available when it’s ready, but surely it wouldn’t hurt to try to combine these incremental releases into integrated OS updates, with better documentation of changes and more consistent testing? Please?

As always, you may get lucky … I updated my MacBook and nothing has happened ye– hey, what’s that burning smell?

For any readers complaining when we cover this stuff instead of actual, you know, music — I feel you. The idea, though, is to cover it here so you can actually focus on making music. And, yo, Apple, Microsoft, developers: computers are complex, these things happen … and we really wouldn’t complain if you did more testing. Hooray for stability. It could always be better.