Vestax VCI 100 DJ controller modded with arcade buttons

Finding the perfect controller for DJing, laptop music, and so on has tended to mean either buying an off-the-shelf solution, or building one from scratch. But a growing number of users is choosing a third way: find a nearly-perfect controller and mod it to perfection.

DJ Tech Tools, a new blog from three DJs that has grown out of stories for Remix Magazine, has a great story on adding arcade buttons to a Vestax VCI-100 controller. And yes, that’s “arcade” as in gaming — those fantastic, tactile buttons found on vintage game cabinets.

Tutorial on adding arcade buttons to a VCI-100 []

Here are a couple of examples of the results:
Sonic Boooom! VCI-100 Vs. Street Fighter
A great VCI MOD rolls off the line!

Speaking of whimsical DJ toys, djtechtools points to DJ Nu-Mark, who has replaced turntables with a “pair of learning toys meant for teething toddlers.” djtechtools can’t seem to find more details, so I turn that to the ever-knowledgeable CDM readership. And Mark, if you’re out there, give a holler. Not totally sold on his DJ name, though it is a big leap better than “DJ Bear-In-Jer.” But the set looks fantastic. (Via.) The video, with Jurassic 5 in 2006: