VCI-100 DJ Controller Mod with Arcade Buttons, DJing with Toys

Finding the perfect controller for DJing, laptop music, and so on has tended to mean either buying an off-the-shelf solution, or building one from scratch. But a growing number of users is choosing a third way: find a nearly-perfect controller and mod it to perfection. DJ Tech Tools, a new blog from three DJs that […]

NAMM: Vestax VCI-100, Heavy Metal MIDI Controller for the DJ

The new Vestax VCI-100 is “a highly professional MIDI controller” that was on display at the NAMM show. While many of us delight in exposing highly cheesy marketing verbiage, I do have to say that in the process of trying to nudge it to get a better photo, I discovered that the VCI-100 is much […]

Josh Jancourtz - January 24, 2007

Vestax DJ MIDI Controller with Jog Wheels

The perfect computer DJ controller remains elusive. Serious turntablist DJs, of course, will want decks. But what if you’re scratching homebrew Reaktor instruments, or jogging through video for a VJ set (which, sorry, isn’t really subtle enough to require a full deck), or just adding scratch to a laptop set? Our own Adrian Anders notes […]

Peter Kirn - January 4, 2007

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