What OS Do You Use to Make Music?

Photo via jeanmarc77 I consider myself operating system atheistic: I refuse to believe in an operating system unless solid, empirical data is presented proving it exists works. Okay, actually … I spend a considerable amount of time doing production on both Mac and Windows, and even some time working with Linux (not to mention administering […]

iTunes, Video Marketplace? TuneCore Does Music Videos

Stores like iTunes (and all those Windows Media-based alternatives, if anyone ever uses them) aren’t just the domain of major labels. Indie artists and smaller labels are finding their way onto these services, courtesy the power of distributors and other conduits. (For music, tools like CD Baby have been a big boon.) But part of […]

Peter Kirn - November 20, 2007

Free TuneCore Album on iTunes, Music Video Sales in Beta

While on the subject of free music listening, in case you haven’t seen this yet, TuneCore has a free mix album up on iTunes — 33 tracks for free, from everybody from Public Enemy (whoo!) to the awesomely-named Harry and the Potters: TuneCore Free Album The only bad news: DRM-equipped tracks, so get ready for […]

Peter Kirn - November 20, 2007

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