To distract from their intensely repetitive subject matter, skateboarding videos have used a variety of techniques, from blooper reels showing people hurting themselves, to Spike Jonze post-producing the decks to invisibility.

The latest iteration of this process I will let speak for itself:

Updated: Lakai had the video removed from Youtube. Does anybody understand why a company would do this? The video went seriously viral last week. I encountered it via Dooce (which, if you’re not in to reading about Mormonism and constipation, is one of the most popular blogs on the whole internets), and when I added it to CDMo it had well over 1 million views. The actual video was released in November, so any initial buzz has long faded. Suddenly there is a resurgence of interest in the video, and by association the company, and they respond by removing the video which is causing all of this positive publicity?