I’m teaching a class in NYC next month on Processing at Harvestworks, the elegant, musician-friendly coding language:

Processing Class in New York, Online: Art From Code, For Non-Coders [Create Digital Motion]

It’s on CDMotion rather than CDMusic for a simple reason — Processing is especially well-suited to visuals, 2D and 3D. But there is audio and MIDI support in there, as well, and while it’s not exactly Java’s strong suit, certain applications do benefit from this approach in music. (It works nicely with everything from Monomes to Arduinos, too.)

Actually, on that note, I’d be especially interested to hear if anyone is using Processing for musical applications. Let us know in comments. And there are slots free for the class, so do sign up if interested. (If you’re outside NYC — realizing that’s, um, the HUGE majority of you —  watch for an announcement soon for how we’re sharing some of this information online for the rest of the world.)

Harvestworks also has a terrific-looking Max/MSP/Jitter intensive in March, but I don’t know how many slots are still open, and it will require US$1275 in tuition.

Image by the awesome eskimoblood, a great source of Processing inspiration!