The door opens on a recent Handmade Music Night at Etsy Labs. Now here’s our open call to you. Photo: Jeremy Chae. (See his whole set of this event.)

If you’re on the East Coast of the USA and want to share some of your musical (and visual) projects with us, we have a number of opportunities.

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  • Internet Week — Evening with MAKE Magazine: Thursday June 5, 6:30-9:30pm. We’ve already programmed part of this, but there should be a couple of spots left for unique DIY music/visual hardware and software projects. Part of a week-long celebration of the Internet in NYC.

  • Hackers on Planet Earth Conference: Friday, July 18. This legendary assemblage of hackers at NY’s Pennsylvania Hotel is one of the world’s great geekfests. Tech author Steven Levy is keynoting. We’re throwing a big music and live visuals party, combining forces with some of the local 8-bit community.
  • Handmade Music with Etsy + Make: We’re re-inaugurating our regular series with Make Magazine and Dates TBD but we hope to bring this back as a regular event in Brooklyn.
  • Mystery Event in Boston! If you’re in the Boston area, stay tuned. (Providence, New Haven, you’ll want to make the trip.)

Here’s what we’re looking for: DIY music software, hardware projects, 8-bit, custom gaming and gaming interfaces for music, live visuals, hacked solutions, visualizations and sonifications of Internet data (would seem especially appropriate during Internet week), interactive projects, physical computing, oddities, custom cases, weird stuff … the usual.

For HOPE, I’m particularly interested in keeping with the hacking theme, including open source projects, Linux audio, and unusual projects built with computers. With all the cool stuff happening in DIY electronics and hardware, software often falls by the wayside. And with all of these, I’d love to see more audiovisual projects.

Deadline: Right Now

Sign up here if you’re interested in doing these. I thought about setting a deadline, but honestly, with Make it’s first-come, first-serve, and with everything else, I’d rather know sooner than later, so if you’ve got something in-process, don’t be shy!

A Google Docs live form is embedded in this story below right on; if you’re reading via RSS, you’ll need to click through to the site to view it properly.

Alternatively, use the direct link

Feel free to forward the call!