Filament @ Tyneside Cinema Launch – The Wall from Steve Holmes on Vimeo.

Dan Shiffman’s Run Lola Run creation, built in Processing, appears here at Tyneside Cinema in the UK. This is how to watch a movie: 1400 frames on screen at a time. Cuts cascade across the screen, colors shift as the in-frame palette changes, and Lola’s action turns into sculptural wallpaper.

There’s no better time to mention that Dan’s Most Pixels Ever library is getting some fall semester refreshes, with new documentation and other improvements. If you haven’t used it before, this is your ticket to working on Processing with multiple displays – even if it’s just, you know, like two displays.

Oh, and incidentally, it is Shiffman, not Shiftman.

Looks like Tyneside made a nice launch event for this Filament event. I love the shadows walking in the windows and colored lights. I’ve been talking with visualists lately about improving the quality of live events. Really turning something into an event, and making a visual splash on the outside of the venue, is a great way to start.

Filament @ Tyneside Cinema Launch from Steve Holmes on Vimeo.