Set today’s solar eclipse to sound, with music picks, data, and NASA

Musical ritual has long been tied to the magic of the skies. So it’s fitting today’s total solar eclipse will be set to sound.

Q+A: How the THX Deep Note Creator Remade His Iconic Sound

How do you improve upon a sound that is already shorthand for noises that melt audiences’ faces off? And how do you revisit sound code decades after the machines that ran it are scrapped? We get a chance to find out, as the man behind the THX “Deep Note” sound talks about its history and […]

Peter Kirn - April 8, 2015

Share, a Tool for Sharing Processing Sketches; What’s the Best Way to Share Code?

Share, the thesis project of Yannick Assogba in the MIT Media Lab Sociable Media Group, is an interesting idea in coding: it’s basically a peer-to-peer sketchbook for creative code. All of your sketches are synced to everyone else’s sketches, and Share tracks the connections between users. You get more from Share than you would […]

Peter Kirn - May 19, 2009

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