Big news from the homebrew Nintendo DS scene: OpenSoundControl is now supported, thanks to a community contribution from Tim Wood. That means you can drag your stylus around and send high-resolution data straight to software running on your computer. From the DSMI site:

OSC is an emerging standard for exchanging music control signals that is much more flexible and modern than MIDI. For example, OSC can directly communicate via network, so the PC-side DSMI server is not required.

fishuyo also made a nice demo with a Kaoss pad and sliders of the new OSC capabilities. It comes with a pd patch that is a nice little synth. Check out the demo’s source code! OSC is really easy to add to your application. And it’s the future! So, get libdsmi v3.0 now!

Add this to controller apps for the iPhone/iPod touch, and it’s easy to turn your mobile device into an additional controller. (Think an easy-to-add X/Y pad, for instance, that you can plop on that blank space on your keyboard.)

Full details:

I got lots of requests in our holiday guide survey for tutorials on Pd and tutorials on OSC, so – be sure you’re going to get a Pd + OSC tutorial!

For the record, this opens up OSC to as many as 84+ million units of hardware. (and that’s before you decide you want to get the new model just for the color red)