Architectural Visual Design aka Apparati Effimeri apparently have liked our ongoing projection mapping stories, so they send along their showreel. The music, appropriately enough, is Apparat.

Visual performers:
Federico Bigi
Roberto Fazio
Marco Grassivaro

The documentation is a bit rough (boy, do I know that challenge), but I absolutely love their visual style. Even in their flat projections, architectural space and, yes, lots of squares and rectangles dance around. I hope I can catch these guys live.

Give it a few moments, though, and you get into some fantastic architectural projection mapping. It’s also nice to be in Italy – they have, ahem, a bit of architecture on which to project.

Hope we hear more from this crew! Have a look:

Apparati Effimeri ShowReel 2008 from Apparati Effimeri on Vimeo.