MSAFluid for processing (Controlled by iPhone) from Memo Akten on Vimeo.

We can continue to ponder how to convince Apple to let Memo’s simple but powerful-looking MSA Remote multitouch app on the App Store. But in the meantime, a resourceful developer has tried simply writing a quick app for the Safari browser. This is doubly promising to me. I love full-blown apps, and they typically allow access to some of the powerful sensor and location features of mobile devices. But that’s not to say browser apps won’t also have a place for quick prototyping, live performance, and installation. WebKit browsers are now not only on iPhone and iPod touch, but Palm Pre and Android – and, I suspect, more places soon. This could be a great outlet even for extending functionality of apps.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a quick way of using the TUIO protocol – as Memo is doing with his (App Store-rejected) app + Processing above – Andrew Turley’s app is a quick fix. I’ll be looking at mobile browser development alongside app development, I know, and I imagine all of us will keep praying for the MSA app.

TUIO Multitouch for iPhone: Browser App Hack Replaces Rejected App [Create Digital Music]

touchy feely [Pillowsopher Blog]

And yes, as this is a browser app, it should work on other platforms, too. The disadvantage of Android G1 is you’ll get only one-touch … while we wait for generally-available multitouch capabilities on Android, I imagine more specialized apps with specific platform tie-ins will be more useful.