NAB ’10 – Vericorder 1st Video from Hand Held Hollywood on Vimeo.

You probably don’t need anyone to sell you on this dream: imagine editing videos on the road, without a computer. That’s the promise of Vericorder, an iPhone app Hand Held Hollywood captured at the NAB conference. (Found via Palm Sounds, which of late has covered creative visual apps a bit, too.)

The app looks terrific: shoot, manage clips, edit and trim together, done. The developers also tell HHH that the results will cost under US$10.

Of course, the only limitation in all of this is that the system is mainly devised for the iPhone camera. But I suspect a variety of mobile solutions may be out soon. This is another good application for some of the Linux video editing efforts, however primitive they may be at this point, in that they appear to be designed to scale better on hardware. On the other hand, I like the idea of the camera incorporating editing features.

And suffice to say, the notion of grabbing shots and dropping them for editing and even performing on the go should carry some serious appeal for live visualists.

Seen other handheld video shoot and edit solutions you like? Let us know.