Steadicam hardware is a beautiful thing. But what if you’re on a budget and want a quick hack to improve your self-shot footage – a good thing if you, say, have a VJ gig coming up and need to make some new footage? DIY solutions have stepped in. The latest, and it looks quite nice, shows up via Lifehacker, costs $30, and uses PVC. (PVC, for the win, again!)

Steadying footage or finding good tripod solutions to me becomes even more important with the rise of better video from SLRs and now micro 4/3 cameras like the Olympus PEN I just bought. Sure, the next iPhone promises to ship with “iMovie” (really just a simple mobile app) and HD footage, but I think the cameras, with their superior sensors, win out when it comes to grabbing footage on the go. The one challenge with them is stabilizing the footage, as they don’t respond well to motion. So, question for the readers: have you found solutions that work well for you?

Full blog entry with more instructions, notes, nice drawings: