Out today in the US is the new release from The Chemical Brothers, ‘Further.’ From what I’ve heard so far, expect a full-bodied, raucous record of sounds, neither particularly retro nor modern. I’m withholding judgment on how successful the direction is until I spend some quality time with it. I find it interesting that the press materials suggest the result should sound a bit like a live set – and I likewise look forward to seeing the act live when they come to New York in early September.

What’s also interesting about this release is that it’s an audiovisual album. Each track comes accompanied by a film, as previewed above. It’s not a new idea, but it’s one that main gain more traction now than ever before, thanks to mobile players capable of playing both kinds of content. I’m a little disappointed that a lot of the language of the visuals is familiar, from textured dancing silhouettes to flocks of birds. But given the range, it seems likely at least one or two gems might emerge, and I love the fact that they’re giving audiovisual records a go. The visual work is by director Adam Smith, aka Flat Nose George, whose credits include visuals for this season’s Doctor Who, Chemical Brothers’ own “Galvanize,” and Lady Sovereign.

iTunes buyers in North America get a “pass” of content that includes the audiovisual download and some extra tracks. But physical media buyers aren’t left out: the deluxe edition appears to have the most content, including a ‘making of’ video. Full details: