Integrated Visions / City Eventions Projection Mapping (Stationary View), 08-09-10 from Integrated Visions Productions on Vimeo.

Part of the appeal of projection mapping to me is not so much the novelty of the thing, as its promise to take live visual art and free it of limited contexts. As with live electronic music, there’s a constant struggle to find venues, to overcome the economic constraints of clubs or the programming limitations of public and private series. Experimentation and change requires spaces that lend themselves to the activity.

So it’s always encouraging to see events like this. Here, a 20,000-lumen projector by Christie Roadster and a generator do the trick. (By the way, readers, since the Christie is discontinued, what would be an ideal 20,000-lumen projector for this sort of job?)

It’s not hard to imagine this lending itself to a live music performance; you’d just have to make up the price of the rental of the projector and generator. Alternatively, I could see innovative visual artists collaborating with rental houses as a way of promoting their equipment.

But the best part of this: they set up in 30 minutes. I do like the content they put together; it really fits this relatively simple setting for me.

The team, based in Atlanta, Georgia:

Produced by Brian Blessinger

Integrated Visions Productions:
Bryan Dodson: Technical Direction, Animation
Michelle Dodson: Animation Director, Animation
Adam Barfield: Sound Design
Tim Daust (Reelmind Studios): Animation
Neil Dearman: Animation
Robert S. Townsend of Professional Meeting Rentals: Projection and Equipment
Mita Beach of Professional Meeting Rentals: Equipment

We would also like to thank Matt Cerf for his help with the Projection.