STOPMOTION 2.0. Controlado en directo por sensores from Rubén Fernández on Vimeo.

Madrid-based artist Rubén Fernández sends along his most recent project, which layers stop motion video with novel live control. The material itself is composed of stop motion footage produced with everyday materials, most notably beer and soda cans. The stop motion footage was reprocessed into more stylized animation, and then is controlled via MIDI using both conventional faders and flex-sensor gloves, using the Mac VJ app Modul8.

I love the sense of a layered process here; I hope we get to see more of this work – it looks to me like a great step toward a larger performance.


Vídeo-Arte. Audiovisual Stopmotion controlado en directo por MIDI y guante con SENSORES DE FLEXIÓN bajo software de VJ MODUL8.

Creado a partir de materiales cotidianos como latas de cerveza, refrescos y otros.

Lots of additional information, documentation, and more on his work: