I thought the promo video from Elektron perfectly explained, in practical terms, how their recent Octatrack sampler works. You plug it in, push some buttons, turn samples into techno, and then everyone turns into squids and dies. (Hmmm… that does suggest something perhaps a future firmware update might want to address.) But it seems some readers wanted more than sci-fi short films and inscrutable jams – they want to know how this beast actually works.

Happily, reader Genjutsushi has obliged us with a video that explains its functions; see top — it’s shaky, but useful, and no squid are in sight.

Matrixsynth also picks up on a couple of videos that show how to use the Octatrack’s flagship feature, its powerful slicing functions.

Not all users are happy, as evidenced by our comments. A friend of mine had an Octatrack fail on him within hours of it arriving, though to Elektron’s credit, they’re sending a replacement. Other users are apparently not satisfied with the reliability or functionality of the current firmware. Now, all user complaints should be taken with a grain of salt, but just so you’re aware, yes, I do read comments and forums when I can. We’ll see if the Octatrack catches on, and satisfies users, as it evolves. I have to say, it’s a terrifically ambitious and promising project, and at least some users are very enthusiastic. I look forward to getting some sounds out of it myself if I can beg, borrow, or steal some loan time, and continuing to hear feedback from users.

More videos:

Updated: Synthtopia has its own round-up.

Doubly updated: genjutsushi adds another video, now with 100% more tripod!