Beyond the immediate, and fleeting, novelty of seeing images fitted perfectly to three-dimensional objects, you need something to actually watch. Here, new work from Melbourne-based artist Chris Staring is splendidly fanciful: a band of assembled musical instruments is immersed in animation, a bit like walking into Toontown in Roger Rabbit. In fact, speaking of Disney, the abstract musical animations that erupt are reminiscent of the jazzy modern concoctions of mid-Century animators, imagining for the first time how you might put music into motion.

One reason the results look so good: these are instruments constructed to be a canvas, each built and painted entirely in white.

Lots more info (watch those links; their server is acting a bit funky – but hopefully you can get through for some nice images of the work in progress):

Instrument Mapping is an experimental projection mapping project developed by Skare Media. The project incorporates musical instruments as the projection surface for a series of animations.

00:00 to 03:32 – edit;erase:‚Äčediterase
03:33 to 06:30 – Maartez:

I have used a combination of Projection Mapping, 3D animation, 2D animation, And particle effects to create the visuals.

The programs used:
* After Effects
* Photoshop
* Illustrator
* Cinema 4D
* Particle Illusion
* Ableton Live (to merge music tracks and added sound elements)

This movie was filmed using my Canon 60D.

Visit the Instrument Mapping minisite at:‚Äčindex.html

Visit the Instrument Mapping production page at:‚Äčinstrumentmappingproduction

Visit the Skare Media Homepage at:

And because it’s nice to see how projects develop, here’s an earlier test film: