Unity 2021.2 is full of artist-friendly stuff, from rendering to mobile face capture

Hey, that other engine starting with the letter ‘U’ is looking pretty amazing, too. Unity 2021.2 Tech Stream is here, with loads of artist-friendly features. And you were worried what to do with your winter (southern hemisphere summer).

Vio for iOS: Transform, Tune, Harmonize Vocals in a Cloud of Particles [Preview]

Vocal modification is a natural app for iOS, yet a lot of the offerings out there are complicated to use. (At least one that springs to mind has options for add-on purchases that can muddle the user experience.) Audiofile Engineering (via a new brand, Square B) has just released an app that looks like loads […]

- February 27, 2013

Inside a Beige Atom: Torann EP Sampler, Audiovisual Meditation from Dublin’s Lakker Duo

Torann EP Sampler from Lakker on Vimeo. Dara Smith sends this lovely, minimal meditation on particles drifting through space. I love that the visuals aren’t more active than they are, in fact, as if entering a beige, spinning atom. Ian Mc Donnell and Dara make up Dublin-based Lakker. Tracks: Summer Rains Mustard Crying Ciar Static […]

Peter Kirn - November 15, 2012

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